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Travelling Asia, one country at a time

While writing from my travel, I found it naturally to devide my stories into 3 different categories (and 3 different tags), as well as devide the stories between contries in most cases.

Travelstories basicly contain stories from my time travelling in a country, or parts of a contry, - more or less a summary of my days there. Sometimes a day will be described in details while other days will only be briefly mentioned. I try to presenting a little bit of most highlights during my travelling. It all comes down to my memory and mood of the moment of writing, - and what I think would be of most interest for most people reading it.

Photostories are basicly my story around one of my photos, where I blog around a single photo, or a series of photoes from the same place. I might just write about my feelings or impressions at the time of the photo, or I might write some more factbaced
It's said that a photo can tell you more than 1000 words, but many of my photoes will tell me a lot more than you, as there might be a story around/behind it… So I started something I call "Photostories", , or about what I think would be of most interest for most people reading it.
I plan to write a little every week I feel I have enougth free minutes …and I plan to pick a random photo out of my “portefolio” from my travel, and write a little bit about/around it… Or if you have any requests in general, or about one of my photos in my gallery, - please feel free to request. Also I would very much appriciate comments on my photoes, - with or without grading them :-) .
(clicking here gives you all PhotoStories in a long page, with the newest one on top = you might want to start on the bottom article if doing so,
- or you might want to just go for one story at the time, using the permalinks under here :) ( my suggestion ) you can choose between listed in writing order, or on dates of photo)


Egil Viking:


03-10-2006 - 10-10-2006: North Korea: The North Korean experience

10-10-2006 - 21-10-2006: China: A little hello from China

21-10-2006 - 27-10-2006 Cambodia: Hell and Heaven in Cambodia...

28-10-2006 - 02-11-2006 Cambodia: A little report from Siem Reap...

02-11-2006 - 08-11-2006 Viet Nam: Good morning Viet Nam...

08-11-2006 - 16-11-2006 Viet Nam: Same same ! ( - but different... )

16-11-2006 - 24-11-2006 Laos: Excitingly relaxing Laos...

24-11-2006 - 29-11-2006 Thailand: Short visit in Thailand...

29-11-2006 - 07-12-2006 Myanmar (Burma): On the Road in Marvelously Friendly Myanmar


News: Photostories (about PhotoStories...)

PS 0001: 03-12-2006: Young (leg-rowing) fisherman at the Inle Lake

PS 0002: 01-12-2006: Buddha in Ananda Temple in Bagan (Myanmar/Burma)

PS 0003: 29-10-2006: Khmer Traditional Dancing in Siem Reap

PS 0004: 04-12-2006: Shy boy in the hills over Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma)

PS 0005: 23-10-2006: Royal Garden in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


North Korea: Some small stories from North-Korea