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TopicStories are basicly my story around a certain topic, or theme, like where on my travel did I like the food the best, the hotels, the toilets, the bars, the people, where was the cheapest rooms, the cutest girls and so on, - or just some funny/sad/interesting things that I didn't write in a travelstory. It could also be my comparing of certain habits or way doing things in different parts of Asia, or comparing travelexperiences with home... or maybe a "photostory" I simply dont have a photo to show... or my thoughts about some aspects of travelling... anything really...

So far I have not put TopicStories on my prioritylist, since I have not yet finnish putting out all photoes and Travelstories, but some will come in between from now on...

I plan to write a little every now and then, then I feel I have both the energy and enougth free minutes… Or if you have any requests in general, - please feel free to request. Also I would very much appriciate comments. :-)

(clicking here gives you all TopicStories in a long page, with the newest one on top = you might want to start on the bottom article if doing so. (at the moment of writing this, there is only one... so... :-s


North Korea: Some small stories from North-Korea

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North Korea: Some small stories from North-Korea
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